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In 2004, we were concerned that George W. Bush could actually be elected (not re-elected, as Al Gore won the 2000 presidency). We started Progressive Bumper Stickers as a "break even" project. Any profits would go to liberal causes. Part of streamlining things is to only sell online. We've never advertised and try to keep a low personal profile.

In 2004, color laser copiers were just becoming affordable and durable high quality (vinyl, etc.) adhesive label sheets became available. A few test runs and a basic website and we were in business. We make them on demand and usually ship within 24 hours.

Steve & Rebecca
at Grand Teton

We are Rebecca Wave and Steve Powell, married middle-aged empty nesters in Santa Barbara, CA. Steve does the web work, graphics and manufacturing. Rebecca does the bookkeeping, purchasing, customer service and shipping. This business is very pro-labor but is not unionized, as the two of us tend to comply with all of our own workplace demands (LOL).

Our political views are reflected in the 999 progressive stickers we sell on this site. We update these as often as we can. Much of what we can't condense into 3" x 11" slogans appears in rotation as selected quotes at the top of every page.

The site works for everyone even if people come just to enjoy the stickers without purchasing any.

This nation was forged in liberalism and falters whenever conservative reactionaries grab at the levers. So, the American Revolution continues.

God protect us from small minds,
Rebecca and Steve

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